Air Methods-HealthNet Aeromedical Services / HealthTeam Critical Care Transport

HealthNet Aeromedical Services is a West Virginia based, not-for-profit critical care transport system. Cooperatively owned and operated by WVU Medicine, Charleston Area Medical Center and Cabell Huntington Hospital, the system has twelve aircraft serving from ten bases across central Appalachia. Each aircraft is staffed by a pilot, flight paramedic and flight nurse and is fully equipped as a flying intensive care unit.

Aviation services are contracted to Air Methods Corporation. Air Methods is responsible for aircraft operation, maintenance and tracking, under contract to HealthNet Aeromedical Services.

The Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport Base #8 has twenty employees assigned to it serving in both clinical and aviation roles.

The Air Methods / HealthNet 8 team has provided safe transportation for more than 2000 patients since the helicopter air ambulance base opened at the Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport in January 2011.

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